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When is the last time you truly enjoyed a photo of yourself?
→ As a photographer concentrating specifically on women, I use techniques in both lighting and posing to accentuate the things you love about yourself and disguise the things you don’t. I practice this skill throughout the entirety of your session by way of coaching your posture, attitude, and expressions while keeping you comfortable and flirty. You will leave your session feeling exhilarated and super sexy!

Why should you book a session with me?
→ In addition to the promise of gorgeous photographs, I can promise you the time of your life! I am a light-hearted woman with a giving personality, and all I want to do in the world is make YOU feel beautiful. During my session with you, we will laugh, we will pout lips, we will learn what smiling with our eyes means, and we will dance around until we get the perfect photos that YOU are happy with. And then when all is said and done—I will help you, personally, with every choice you have to make; from which images to retouch, to which products you want to order—because I plan to be there for you, each and every step of the way!

What about privacy?
→ Privacy is as important to me as it is to you. I am equipped with an all-female staff, including all assistants, hair stylists, and makeup artists. You are always welcome to bring a friend for added comfort. I process and retouch all of my photographs, privately, in my home office for added security. The photographs I have shared with you, from my sites to my Facebook page, have expressed written permission to be there. If you wanted complete privacy, you are more than welcome to it with no questions asked!

So, are you still feeling nervous?
→ The only way to find out how invigorating a personalized session, all about you, is—is to jump right into it! You have one life to live, and honestly, the only photographs you are going to regret are the photos you did not take. These sessions create timeless images and as time keeps moving forward, they allow you to relive a moment that, otherwise, would be gone forever. Life not only changes your personality and maturity as it continues on, but it changes things physically about you as well. We have children, we age, and we see a completely different person in the mirror than we once were: your timeless Beauty, Glamour, Bridal or Boudoir photographs will always keep that memory genuine.